Sellers Forms

Many times we are asked to sign legal documents.  Most of us have been instructed to read those documents prior to signing.
By providing these forms in advance, my goal is to respect your right to have information prior to being asked to sign the form.  If you have information…you ask better questions…which results in helping you protect yourself by better understanding the process of home buying or selling…which should be a bottom line in any sale or purchase for the consumer.


Sellers Forms

Consumer Guide

Contingency Removal

Counter Offer
A counter offer is meant to detail all terms of the Purchase Agreement to which one party or the other will not agree.  The document is used to reach agreement on any outstanding issues established by the buyer or seller until both parties have “agreed to agree” in writing.  Once both parties have reached agreement and the documents signed accepting the terms this document becomes an extension of the Purchase Agreement.

Lead Based Paint (Required in home built prior to 1978)
This form must be reviewed, completed and signed by the Seller prior to listing their home.

Lead Based Paint Protection Pamphlet

Listing Agreement (Required)
This is a contract between the Sellers and the Real Estate Group which details the representation, agent involved in the transaction and legal information necessary to market and sell the home.  This form is required and meets the requirements of the South Dakota Real Estate Commission. You are encouraged to read the form in its entirety and ask questions prior to signing the agreement.  (Consumer Guide pages 22 – 26)

Mediation Form

Sellers Disclosure (Required)
In my opinion this is the most important document in listing your property.  All items whether positive or negative that have occurred during your ownership of the home should be reflected truthfully and accurately.  The buyers rely on this document in assisting them in making a decision whether to purchase your home. Please read the details at the top and bottom of the form as well and reference the Consumer Guide (pages 27 – 28)