Why Winter is a Good Time to Buy Your House

Winter is approaching fast in South Dakota – we have already seen our fair share of snow and it’s not even then end of October! While one would assume winter is a time for staying put and not generally the first season that comes to mind when buying a house – let me tell you…

Buying a house during COVID-19

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted areas in our society that must change. Going out to a restaurant, stopping for gas, or simply strolling through the park now has more nuance. Knowing that we need to be cautious for ourselves as well as others, it is important to understand what precautions need to be taken…

Top Tips for Buying a Home

Buying a home is an important life decision. Make sure you consider important tips before you buy such as looking at your finances and deciding how much you can afford, and make sure to physically inspect the home and property for potential hazards.

Prepping Your Home for Sale

Follow these tips when preparing your home for sale; such as staging each living area to help potential buyers imagine living in that space, Keep all rooms clean, including children rooms, and remove clutter and extra furniture to make the space feel larger.

Tips To Keep Your Listing Clean With Pets

For dog and cat owners keeping your house clean can be a challenge. Our beloved family members make their presence known from hair and smells to small messes and scratch marks.

Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Cold

If your home is not prepared for the potential damage that winter conditions can cause, you could be costing yourself a significant amount of money! The most common cause of home related issues is due to water damage.

Can buying a house benefit your taxes?

There are many great reason to buy a home, including tax benefits. Experts warn though that with changes in the new Trump tax plan, the tax benefits should not be the biggest reason to get into a mortgage.

Home Inspection or Rejection

The right to conduct a home inspection is spelled out in your purchase agreement, and is the responsibility of the buyer. Guidelines and details for the types of inspections are also covered in the purchase agreement. The home inspection will impact both the buyer and seller.

Sellers Disclosure – A BUYERS PERSPECTIVE

There are many details which require buyer(s) to make decisions prior to making an offer on a home. In a fast-paced market, such as Rapid City and the surrounding areas, there will be pressure to make those decisions quickly.

Seller Disclosure – What’s your exposure? – SELLERS USAGE

The Sellers Disclosure is your opportunity to inform potential buyers about the condition of your property at the time of listing your property for sale. The document is fairly extensive and covers a lot of important information about the home.